Database and Middleware Automation

HP Database and Middleware Automation (DMA) software automates the daily, mundane, and repetitive administration tasks that take up 60%-70% of a database or application server administrator’s day. Automating these tasks enables them to be more efficient and deliver change faster with higher quality and better predictability.

DMA automates repeatable database and middleware processes, resulting in 40-70% efficiency gains. Errors and downtime are significantly reduced, predictability is improved, and audits are easier to pass. Manual processes and lack of standards often result in inefficient operations, inability to scale, and can become roadblocks to data center efficiency initiatives.

Through Riverturn’s services, DMA integrates with Server Automation Application Deployment Manager and Operations Orchestration to automate the full application stack. This solution addresses customers looking to extend automation functionality to their complex database and middleware infrastructure. Scripting within any automation framework is not sufficient to automate the database or middleware infrastructure based on the complexity and the dynamic nature of the database application.

Key Benefits:

  • Cost containment: Achieve organization-wide improvement including database/admin ratios of 200:1
  • Automate configuration: Reduce change execution times by 90%
  • Increase speed: 69% reduction in time to provision middleware and databases
  • Increase uptime and security: Eliminate 70% of outages and security incidents caused by manual mis-configurations
  • Preventative management: Eliminate unauthorized, unapproved database access to minimize downtime