Custom Technology

Sometimes the right solution simply does not exist off the shelf. Our team includes developers and managers of enterprise software products who are ready to work with your team from requirements through delivery. We even have marketing specialists who help you successfully rollout your solution post-delivery.

Our custom development experience spans the range of sizes here are some examples of our solutions:

Cloud Automation
Right now the landscape for all the Cloud technologies is very stormy.  Whether you will use Amazon EC2, Rackspace Openstack, Oracle VirtualBox, a mix of all, or roll your own infrastructure can be a very difficult decision.  Many companies are struggling to make a decision on what platform will dominant or more likely how are they going to pull together the management for a multi-vendor cloud.  You may have your own VMware ESX Farms internal, a mix of EC2 Applications for specific business units, and Cloud storage scattered through many different vendors that you want to central manage.  We have worked through these scenarios with many Fortune 500 companies to find the right fit for their needs.  Let us help you build the right infrastructure and tools so that you can deliver the best in breed Cloud solution for your organization. 

Empower your data
Collecting and storing massive amounts of operational data is the easy part. All of your automation tools are collecting valuable business data that is important to your organization. The challenge is how to access and understand that captured information in a meaningful way. It can be very expensive and require a lot of resources to build your own reporting solution from the ground up, plus different parts of your organization are going to need to the data in their own way. What you need are reporting tools that allow easy access to your data whenever (and wherever) you need it.

Riverturn's experience in creating custom reporting solutions allows us to help your organization understand, export and present your captured data efficiently and effectively. Visualize your data with custom multi-platform dashboards developed with the most current technologies available. Find creative ways to represent the data that is trapped within your organization. Visualize important relationships, filter your data according to personal priorities and make that information available throughout your enterprise. It's time you empowered your data to provide you with the information necessary to make intelligent, rapid business decisions.

Web Application Development
We have often found that our customers business need in today’s environments can best be served with a web-based application. Not just a web page and a far cry from a bloated desktop application. We have created applications utilizing Ruby on Rails, extJS and a variety of others. These solutions are more accessible and more customizable than ever before. With our extensive iOS experience, we also make them mobile device aware and compatible. We believe if you don’t do that right from the beginning, you’ll regret it in just a matter of time. 

For a custom development estimate, please contact us.